Empowered Whole Being Press

Conscious Life Expo


“An Experiential Expo Promoting a Sustainable Lifestyle Offering Real Solutions Through New Technology, Innovative Modalities and Motivational Learnings for the Global Community.

At the Conscious Life Expo, we reaffirm our common commitment to radical personal and planetary transformation. We are all working arduously to bring into form this next stage in human and societal evolution. We find ourselves in the middle of a miraculous explosion of knowledge, creativity, compassion‚Ķand possibility. This is our destiny. Let us come together to celebrate and witness the emergence of this new consciousness.”


The Conscious Life Expo is a consumer-oriented public show
with an average attendance of 12,000 Body/Mind/Spirit Consumers. 
Authors are encouraged to sell their books in the exhibit booth. 


After a two year pause due to COVID, Empowered Whole Being Press is excited to announce it will have a booth at the 2023 Conscious Life EXPO!   

Author Participation Fee:  Please note, authors need not attend the show in order for EWBP to promote and sell their titles.  Authors who do attend will have an Author Panel Lecture time slot at the show.

The author participation fee is $150 plus $175 for the first title, $50.00 for the second title and $25.00 for each additional title.

To secure your title(s) 2023 Conscious Life EXPO EWBP booth participation, please click the below link and respond by Monday, May 30th.

Click HERE to register and reserve your 2023 Conscious Life EXPO booth participation!