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Whether you are a new unpublished author or are already published, we can assist you to both create and reach your publishing goals.  Empowered Whole Being Press offers self-publishing support and services for all phases, from manuscript to printed book or ebook. 

Coming Soon ~ Audio Book publication!

Divination Deck publication services are available, please request a quote.

Basic Publishing Package

Click here to view our complete Basic Publishing Package.

We invite you to submit your manuscript for review.  If selected for publication, we will provide guidance in accordance with your desired vision for your written work.  Upon manuscript acceptance, you will be notified by email.  If you choose to move forward with Empowered Whole Being Press as your self-publisher a Publishing Project Consultant will be assigned to you.  If your book format is other than Black & White interior with no more than one interior image, your Project Consultant will help you create your publishing plan, as well as help you coordinate all phases of your manuscript’s publication. 

Your written work will always remain 100% yours. 

Please click on the below link to submit your manuscript.

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There are several steps in the publishing process, please do review them all to better understand what is entailed.  They are:

Author Coaching

We understand that sometimes it can be challenging to share your uplifting message in writing. If you feel you could benefit from a little coaching, please inform your Project Consultant.  Arrangements will be made to support your transformational process.  Please click here to learn more.


A great book is truly written during the editing process.  We encourage you to heartfully review your manuscript several times, as well as ask a few of your peers to review it before submission.  Doing this will greatly reduce your investment in the professional editing of the manuscript.  Please click the Editing link to see the fee information.

Copyright Assistance Service

When anyone writes a book they automatically own the copyright of the written work, which is initiated at the precise moment of its creation.  However, it is strongly recommended that the title additionally be registered with the United States Copyright OfficeClick HERE to learn more.

Copyright Page Template

Go HERE to download a Copyright Page template.

Formatting ~ Print

The formatting of your Black & White interior manuscript is included in the Basic Publishing Package for Print-On-Demand books.  Please click the Print Formatting link to review the printed book formats available.

Formatting ~ eBook

Empowered Whole Being Press basic manuscript conversion into eBook formats is included in the Basic Publishing Package.  Please click the eBook Formatting link to learn more.   To learn more about the eBook conversion process, please click here.


Every book must have its own assigned ISBN.  ISBN is the acronym for international standard book order.   The ISBN allows your book to registered with Books in Print, the U.S. directory of published books.  Bookstores and libraries use the ISBN to locate and order your book.

It is required to have a separate ISBN for your book’s print and eBook versions.   This is because they are tracked and cataloged differently.  ISBN’s for your book are included in the Basic Publishing Package.

Please click on the ISBN link to learn more.

ISBN stands for international standard book number, and it allows you to register your book with Books in Print, the directory for published books in the U.S. An ISBN number is how bookstores online and offline keep track of booksRead more :
ISBN stands for international standard book number, and it allows you to register your book with Books in Print, the directory for published books in the U.S. An ISBN number is how bookstores online and offline keep track of booksRead more :

Cover Design

A beautifully designed cover will truly help sell your book.  Empowered Whole Being Press will assist you in creating your book’s perfect cover.  Please click the Cover Design link to learn more.

Book Printing Cost Calculator

Click here to view an easy to use grid for calculating the cost of printing your book.

Author Earnings Calculator

Click here to view step-by-step instructions for determining your earnings per print book sold through the distribution channels.


Where would you like your book to be available for purchase?  There are several options for books in the metaphysical, spiritual genre when it comes to distribution.  Let us help you decide what would be best for you!  Please click on the Distribution link to learn more about the options available.

Let us help you manifest your self-publishing vision!